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5 mistakes to avoid when having a brand photoshoot

By Claire with the Camera, specialist Brand Photographer for heart led small and micro business owners in Surrey

When you invest in a branding photoshoot for your business, you want to get the outcome and photos that will truly help your business. So I have put together these 5 mistakes to avoid when having a brand photoshoot, to help you prepare yourself for getting the most from your experience, and your investment.


And what do I know about it all? I’m Claire, Surrey based brand photographer, specialist in making you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident so that we can capture a suite of images that perfectly portrays you and your brand.


5 mistakes to avoid when having a brand photoshoot:

  1. Not giving yourself enough time to plan your brand shoot

  2. Not thinking about how and where you will use the photos

  3. Not picking the right photographer

  4. Not understanding your brand

  5. Thinking it's all about you! (When really it's about your ideal client)

 And the Bonus #6 Not enjoying it


Are you ready to spring board your business firmly to the next level?


Want to wear jeans and t-shirt in your brand shoot? You can!


Want to have your photo shoot at home? No problem!


Have no idea where to have your photoshoot or what to wear?

As a specialist brand photographer in Surrey, I can help you to decide and plan not only the locations and outfits for your brand shoot, but also the themes and props and accessories that will help tell your business story, with you at the heart of it.

Hate having your photo taken? Don't worry, that's completely normal and what 99% of my clients tell me! 

By guiding you through my Brilliance Brand Shoot Builder, I can help you gain clarity and confidence, so you feel ready for shoot day. And I also inject some fun to help you relax and get the most from the shoot! I celebrate the unique-ness in everyone and capture your personality during the shoot, so you don't need to worry about posing or being perfect!

Want to find out more? I would love to find out about you and your brilliant business, what your biggest challenges are and what your dreams are for the future, to see how brand photography could really boost your business. 

1. Not giving yourself enough time to plan your shoot


Planning and preparation is everything when it comes to having a great branding photoshoot. The more time you put into thinking about what you need, your brand, your outfits, the location and all of the details, the easier it will be to communicate with your photographer, to choreograph your session and to build a portfolio of photos that really will meet your business needs. You know the saying, fail to plan then plan to fail – you don’t want to waste your brand photo shoot by being guilty of that!

Whether you set up a Pinterest board to collate your ideas, spend time thinking about your ideal client, your brand values and the feelings you want your brand photos to generate in others, creating a full plan for your shoot will really pay dividends on the shoot day itself and the outcome you achieve.

Your branding photographer should want to connect with you prior to the session so they can immerse themselves in your brand, vision and plan so you are really well aligned for the day.

Check out my Brilliant Brand Shoot Builder to see how I help my clients do all of this, so they feel fully confident on the shoot day itself and we get the most from our time together.

How and where

​2. Not thinking about how and where you will use the photos


Knowing where you want and need to use your images, will have a big impact on the list of photos that need to be captured during your shoot. So to avoid missing out on capturing key photos, make sure you fully explore all the places you can use them – and move beyond just the obvious profile/headshot!

Here’s some great uses for your branding photos:

  • Website – think about your services pages as well as just the About Me section

  • Social Media channels – think about the types of posts you would like to create

  • Articles and blogs

  • Landing and sales pages

  • Canva templates

  • Online Directories

  • Printed Materials (such as leaflets, business cards, brochures)

  • Emails and Email Signature

  • Lead magnets

  • PR opportunities

  •  And even Facebook and Instagram ads!


Make a list of the images you need – and what you may need in the near future so you can avoid the mistake of missing out on key photos you need to help get your business visible.


Check out my list of 12 places you can use your brand photos to make the most of your investment.


And the 12 key photos that I recommend every small business has to generate more leads.

Right photographer

3. Not picking the right photographer

This is a key mistake you definitely want to avoid for your brand photoshoot! Having the wrong photographer can really impact your whole experience and ultimately the gallery of photos you end up with.

How you connect, communicate and work with your brand photographer is so important for ensuring success from your branding session. You want to feel comfortable with them and happy that they are going to look after you and give you confidence for the shoot. That way, you will end up with a lovely bank of relaxed, authentic photos that really capture your personality.

Here’s a few things to think about when selecting your ideal branding photographer:

  • Their own brand – is it in alignment with yours?

  • Their values – having the same ethos is so important

  • Their experience – you want to be able to trust that they can do a good job for you

  • Their reputation – have they got a number of positive reviews that endorse their approach?

  • Their local knowledge – do they know the area that you want to have your brand shoot in?

  • Their process – does their way of working work fit with you and what you need

  • And not forgetting, ARE THEY NICE and easy to work with? No one wants to work with someone who is not having fun, is hard to get hold of, or makes you feel uncomfortable!


You can find out a bit more about me, Claire with the Camera, and my values here, to see whether I might be the right brand photographer for you 😊

Your brand

4. Not understanding your brand


Making sure you are clear on your brand, your ideal client, what you offer and your vision for what you want to portray to your audience is critical if you want to have a good branding photoshoot. A brand shoot is about bringing this all to life, so the more you know about it, the more aligned your brand photos will be.


If you are not sure on this, then you may not be ready for a full branding shoot yet and may find having a smaller package that is centred on your profile photos and headshots could be more appropriate at this stage of your business journey. My Essential Brand Shoot would be great if you are at this stage of your journey.


A good branding photographer will be able to work with you to understand where you are at, and how they can help to bring out the best results for your investment, depending on what stage your business is at.

All about you

5. Thinking it is all about you – when really it's about your ideal client!


You would be forgiven for thinking your branding photoshoot is all about you – but it’s not! You are looking to create a suite of assets that will help you to attract, engage and convert your ideal clients.

Branding photographs are a brilliant way of building the know, like and trust factor as a business owner – which can support your customers progressing through their buying journey.

In 2023 people expect more than stock images and DIY photos that don’t ooze personality and professionalism. As a branding photographer I want to know as much about your ideal client as I do about you – this will help me to build up the bank of images that will support you with your overall brand messaging and strategy. Make sure your brand photographer does the same.

Rebecca Robertson - Independent Financial Advisor - brand photos by Claire with the Camera
Enjoy it

And the bonus mistake to avoid…Not enjoying it!

I think this is the most important mistake to avoid – not enjoying it! Putting too much pressure on yourself, or giving yourself unrealistic expectations (like losing weight or everything being perfect) will just make you feel miserable about your branding shoot. Also trying to do it without giving yourself the time and space to plan and prepare for it will also cause unnecessary stress.

So make sure you plan ahead, give yourself time to enjoy getting ready for it and make the most of this exciting opportunity for your business!

A good branding photographer will want you to enjoy your session, as then you will be much more relaxed and able to get the best photos that truly represent you and your brand. I love my clients to enjoy their shoots and have fun and I help them to do this by helping them get prepared, understand what they need and how it will ultimately help their business.


Your branding photoshoot is an opportunity to have fun and really enjoy working on your business when you are normally only working in your business.

And if you are worried about your confidence in having a brand shoot, check out this article I put together with Mindset Coach, Shelley Bosworth.

So there you have it, 5 mistakes to avoid when having a brand photoshoot


Are you looking for a branding photographer and are based in or around the Surrey area? I would love to chat about your vision and what you want to achieve from your photoshoot, to see how I can help you with bringing that to life…

 just book a no-pressure Enquiry Call to find out more.

Claire x

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