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Claire With the Camera BLog

How Business Brand Photography can help your small business GROW

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

By Claire with the Camera, Brand Photographer Woking, Surrey

All about brand photography

Hi, I’m Claire with the Camera, a Small Business Brand Photographer based in Surrey, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about why I’m so passionate about brand photography, and how it can help your small business to GROW by attracting, connecting and engaging with your IDEAL CLIENT.

First off, what is a Business Brand Photographer?

I take photos for people who run their own small business and who need regular or updated content for their marketing, social media posts and websites.


I think imagery often gets overlooked in content creation, but we all know how powerful a great photo is, and how you can tell a story, increase connection and inspire engagement with the right photo or picture.

I focus on the person behind the business and telling the story of what you do. So anything from the process of making something, if you are a creative, to how you interact with clients if you provide a service, to where you work or your hobbies. The photos showcase what makes you and your business so special to help attract your ideal client. I love getting to know new people, understanding each business – from their values to what makes them tick - and bringing it all to life through photography.

In the era of intense social media marketing and the fight to get our small business out there, having stand-out imagery and telling your business story is absolutely vital.

People buy from people

Searching the vast world wide web for photos frankly just takes way too much time to be a viable option! Not only that but did you know that stock imagery can actually damage your brand? Stock images are easy to spot, they look insincere, and they mean people cannot really get a true sense of you or your business. And do you ever really find the perfect image that accurately portrays your business or the post you are writing?

Having your own gallery of business photos to draw from, helps to provide a consistent look, strengthening your brand and increasing awareness so your customers and clients get a true understanding of your business and its values.

Have you ever posted something about you or a behind the scenes shot? I bet that received the most engagement you’ve ever had! So just think what a whole bank of be

spoke, professional photos of you and your business could do to drive interest, awareness and ultimately sales/clients.

Who do I work with?

I work with small business owners in Surrey, to deliver bespoke galleries of photos they can use in the months ahead to create conversations, share their story and interact with their ideal clients.

Perhaps you’ve been running your business for a year or so and are now at the stage where you really want to increase your awareness and grow your audience? You are much clearer on the direction you are taking and want to let people know what you do.

Perhaps your small business has been going for a longer time and you are branching out into a new direction and need updated imagery to reflect that?

Maybe you are looking at doing a website re-fresh or setting up a new website and realise what a huge part the photos and images you use will play.

Whatever the stage of your business, I am passionate about helping and supporting other small businesses to develop, grow and flourish with what they do. Bringing your passion to life, is my specialty.

So much more than a headshot

I take you through the whole process so you don’t have to worry at all! From an initial enquiry call where we can find out if we are a good fit to work together, to understanding your business and what you need from your imagery, to planning how the day will work, to the actual photoshoot itself.

I strive to make the whole process fun and enjoyable, so that you feel fully prepared and relaxed when the day of your business brand photoshoot comes around. As with anything, all the pre-planning and work we have put in, will mean we get the most out of the day.

For me, a quick headshot doesn’t cut it! I pride myself on really getting to know my clients and providing a bespoke service so at the end of it, you have a complete gallery of photos you can use for months ahead, showcasing your business brand. I look to create variety so you have images for all the different types of posts and marketing you do, from in ‘action’ photos, to close-ups, from ones of your workspace to ‘blank’ shots you can easily adapt to write messages on, you will have everything you need to create fantastic, engaging content for months ahead.

Happy clients are my ultimate aim!

Find out more

I love to hear from new people and would be delighted to chat more about how a business brand photography session could help your small business grow. You can arrange a quick no pressure Enquiry Call to find out how we can work together or feel free to drop me an email at

Best wishes

Claire x


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