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Woking, Guildford and Surrey Networking Groups

I don’t know about you, but I love networking in Surrey! Being a small business owner, solopreneur or running your own business from home, can be a bit of a lonely place. So I love getting out of my house and meeting other inspiring and brilliant small business owners, making new connections and even getting some new clients at networking events in Surrey!


Below are the links to a few Networking Groups in Surrey that I have been too. There are lots of Networking Groups in the Woking and Guildford areas of Surrey, so these are just a few.


If you have any that you would recommend, please email me at and let me know, as I would love to add them to the list (and try them out!).


And do let me know if you are planning to go to one as I would love to see you there!

Claire x

Venue: Woking Football club
When: 10.30-12, Once a month, date varies

The Family Network branch for South East Surrey is such a lovely, friendly Woking Networking Group, hosted by Deuyna Chinera


The networking group meets at the Woking Football ground, once a month.


It’s quite informal, so there’s time to chat and network at the start and end of the meeting. It's also baby/child friendly so you can bring them along if you need to. 


There’s often opportunities to advertise or promote your business in different ways. They offer spotlight guest slots at each meeting, as well as promotional opportunities through the Facebook Group.

The days of the week it’s held on varies, which is great as if there’s a certain day of the week you can’t do, hopefully there will be another one another month on a day you can do.


And it’s completely free to attend!

Venue: the wheatsheaf pub, heatherside
When: first friday of every month, 1-2.30pm

A very informal Surrey Networking Group which meets in Heatherside, near Camberley and Deepcut, on the first Friday of each month.


It’s in the Wheatsheaf pub so you can grab yourself a drink on a Friday afternoon!


It's super informal so it’s just a case of chatting to people, there’s no pitch and no formal talks or introductions.


This is another free group.

Venue: various in Guildford, kingston and woking
When: no set schedule

A wonderful, warm and inviting Surrey networking group hosted by the fantastic Coach and Mentor, Jo Ferrone.


I love this group as it has such a nurturing feel and is quite different from other networking events I’ve been to.


There’s the opportunity to chat and network, short introductions and then usually a guest speaker slot. Jo attracts such wonderful, heart-centered businesses, this group is a joy to attend.


Jo holds various meetings in Guildford, Kingston and Woking.

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