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Hi, I'm Claire with the Camera, a specialist brand photographer in Woking, Surrey. And I am absolutely passionate about helping other small business owners like you, tell your unique brand story through engaging photos, which showcase your brilliant business.

          Do you want to be more visible, but you don’t have any photos that represent your business, your profile photo is definitely from a past life, and you have no photos to help tell your business story?


          Did you build your website a while ago with bland and un-engaging stock images as placeholders, and would really like to bring it alive with some personality filled, on-brand photos showing the real you, to build connection and trust?

          Or perhaps you are about to build your first website and know how important it is to show the person behind the business, to stand-out from a sea of competitors, and form an instant connection with your potential clients?


          Do you want to reach and support more people through your services, but find that creating content and searching for suitable photos, takes up too much of your precious time?

As a working mum running my own small business, I completely understand, and would love to help you put the WOW in your WEBSITE and take CONTROL of your CONTENT CREATION!

If you are looking for a Brand Photoshoot in Surrey or beyond, then I would absolutely LOVE to help you!


Let me take you on a journey to understand what drives you in your business, what your superpowers are, who you help and how we can tell your small business brand story through personality filled photos:


Through my shoot planning process, we can select the right location, themes, props and accessories and outfits, which all tie together to help build a recognisable brand for your brilliant business. 

You can go from having one old photo which you use everywhere, to having a whole library of photos that you love, feel like you and give you confidence to showcase what you offer.

A gallery of photos that show the love and passion you have for what you do, that you can use across your website, social media content and marketing channels, every single day.

You can move from hating having your photo taken, to enjoying the shoot and having the confidence to show up professionally for your business. 

I would love to find out about you and your brilliant business, so we can find the right brand shoot package for you; arrange an Enquiry Call to find out how we can work together. 

As a Woking based brand photographer, I have created a bespoke Brand Photoshoot Planning Process, to help reduce overwhelm and get you shoot ready!


It takes you step by step from the initial Enquiry Call, through to planning each part of the shoot, to the shoot day itself and then 'ta-dah'... to your bespoke, on-brand gallery of professional photos that you can use to boost your brilliant business!


My ultimate aim is for you to have photos that you can use on your website and in your marketing every single day; to create a website that connects, engaging content that attracts your ideal client and helps your business to grow.

And I want you to have fun and enjoy the shoot along the way! My process gives you time to prepare and build your confidence for the shoot itself. 

I encourage you to get in touch to arrange an Enquiry Call at least 4-6 weeks before you are looking to have your shoot, so we have plenty of time to get everything in place. I know what it's like juggling your own business and all of the things, so let's make your brand shoot stress free and fun!

Now I know 75 photos can sound like a lot when you are thinking you just need a profile photo, but I promise you, once you start thinking about all the places you actually use imagery and all the different elements of your business and ways you can use them to tell stories, you will realise what an incredible difference this will make to your visual brand and content creation going forwards! 

Locations - I help you to find the location/s and setting that will be right for you and fit your style and brand.

Themes/stories - I help you to think about what your brilliant small business does to help others, identify your super powers and what problems you solve, to bring these alive through the photos.


Props and accessories - I help you to think about the tools of your trade, the things you use everyday in your business, so we can use them to help tell your story. 

Outfits - 


My Shoot Planning Process takes you step by step from the initial thought of ‘I need some better photos but I don’t know how or where to start’, to having a gallery of beautiful, bespoke photos that you can use in your marketing every day, to create engaging content that connects with your ideal client and helps your business to grow.

  • Key business challenges & needs

  • Most suitable package

  • Potential dates

  • Key themes and stories

  • Ideal client

  • Pinterest mood board

  • Location ideas

I create your SHOTLIST & timings

I prepare a full shot list & timings document to share with you so we both know exactly what we are aiming for on the day. This includes your list of props and accessories and outfit changes. 

download your edited gALLERY

Access to full edited gallery of high-res and smaller file size photos within 2 weeks of shoot, to download and start using.

select your brand shoot package
  • Choose the package that's right for you and your business

  • Key themes and stories

  • Locations

  • Outfits

  • Props & Accessories


Thanks to all the planning, we can now use the shoot time to get exactly what we need, with everything to hand, meaning we can enjoy and make the most of it.


You can now start using your photos to get more visible and gain more leads! From updating your profile photos across all your social media sites, to creating a cohesive and consistent brand on your website and promotional materials. 

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