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who is claire with the camera and what do I do?

By Claire with the Camera, Specialist Brand Photographer, Woking, Surrey and beyond

So this is me, Claire, the friendly face behind the lens and the real life Claire with the Camera! 


I wanted to take a moment to say hello and introduce you to me, my brand photography business, and most importantly, how I can help your small business get more visible and GROW through a bespoke brand photoshoot! 


I’m a specialist, on location, brand photographer, based in Surrey, and I am passionate about helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs like you, get more confident and increase your visibility. I create professional on-brand photos BURSTING with personality to help create the stand-out visual brand your brilliant business deserves. 


Did you know that brand photos can be the catalyst for your content creation, put the WOW in your website and enable you to build engagement and connection with your dream clients? Increasing your leads and ultimately helping your brilliant business to  GROW. 


Read on to find out a bit more about me, what brand photography is and how it could help your small business. 

Who is Claire with the Camera

1. But first, who actually is Claire with the Camera!?


Like many of you, I am a mum running my own small business (racing between the ever growing to-do list and the school run!). 


I have always loved photos and photography and remember getting my first ‘real’ camera when I was about 7 or 8, and taking pictures of our new labrador Puppy - read about how it all began with my little yellow camera

I love capturing all the little details of life - whether that’s people, places or animals! My passion turned into family photography several years ago, and I have since moved into personal and business branding photography; combining my photography skills, creativity, love of people and marketing knowledge, to help entrepreneurs and those with small businesses in Surrey and beyond. 

Claire with the Camera was born in 2021, after spending 20 years in the Charity sector, where my passion was making a difference to others - something that is still really important to me.  


I now love supporting and helping amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners to transform their visual brand and identity through photos that celebrate the brilliance of them. 

Claire with the Camera - Brand Photographer Surrey (5).HEIC
5 Fun Facts

​2. And now, just for fun, here’s 5 facts about me!

  1. I love singing and music (even though I have a terrible voice!) and as my kiddies know, relate most things to lyrics of a song (or an episode of Friends!)

  2. My 9 month honeymoon ended two weeks early with an emergency speedboat trip to hospital from a remote Island in Fiji! We had the most amazing time and amongst other things, rode elephants in Thailand (and thankfully left just before the Boxing day Tsunami struck in 2004), trekked through stunning landscapes (and got bitten alive by mozzies) in Malaysia, visited the unbelievable clean and ordered city of Singapore, cuddled koalas in Australia, skydived in New Zealand, swam in Samoa… and got a terrible virus in the paradise of Fiji!

3. In my 30’s, my days were spent photographing leopard cubs, walking with orphaned cheetah cubs and feeding baby baboons when I spent two years Fundraising and Marketing for a Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia! And my commute involved walking through the bush watching for scorpions, baboon spiders and deadly snakes.

4. I am now kept on my toes with two fast growing little people, two small cats (rather than the big cats in Africa!) and my husband, and we live near Woking in Surrey.

5. I love upcycling and painting or making things (when I have a rare window of time) and am very proud of our dining table, which I made out of old scaffold boards!

What is brand photography

Find out about my business values


3. So, let's get to it. What is Brand Photography?


Brand photography is the art of creating a library of bespoke photos and images to represent a company or business, to help create a clear and consistent visual identity.  


Brand photography encompasses every picture or image you use - but only if they are unique to your business. This means they are specifically created to fit with your brand colours, values, style and personality - and are not massed overused stock photography.


Brand photos can include headshots and profile photos, team photos and photos of your products or services and can be used across all of a businesses marketing channels - from your website to social media platforms, from blogs to PR photos, to printed materials and online advertising.


As a business brand photographer, my specialty is creating bespoke personality-filled brand photos for small businesses, entrepreneurs and those ready to take their business to the next level, by getting more visible. 

How brand photogphy is different fo a headshot

Brand photos can include team photos, photos of your services, product photos and personality filled profile photos.

4. How is brand photography different from a headshot?

A headshot is just that, a head and shoulders photo of you - nothing else. Whilst these have a place and are still part of a brand shoot, headshots really are just one or two photos that you can use on your social media profiles, but not much else. 


Brand photography is about creating a much larger and varied gallery of photos that can be used to tell different stories, across all of your platforms and channels for several months (or even years!) to build up a consistent, recognisable, business brand. 


Brand photos should capture the essence of you and your business, from what you do, to how you work with clients, to what inspires you and all the unique little things that make your business special. 


Brand photography with me will take you on a journey of discovery to really understand your brand, what’s important to you, your values, who and how your business helps, so we can bring this all to life through a whole library of on-brand photos that you LOVE!

Why brand photography is important

Brand photography is about creating a varied gallery of photos that can be used to tell the different stories around your business to build know, like and trust

Take a look at my album of previous brand photoshoots

5. Why is brand photography important for your business?


Brand photography is all about producing an instantly recognisable, consistent brand, through stand-out imagery. Just like using the same logo, fonts and colours, the photos you use can help build that all important know, like and trust; the keys to growing a business in 2023. 


You can read my full article on 10 ways brand photography can help your business to GROW which includes how brand photography:


  1. Helps create a personable brand that builds connection

  2. Can be leveraged to attract more leads

  3. Are the catalyst for your content creation

  4. Creates brand consistency to build up trust with potential clients

  5. Helps build your confidence in you and your business

  6. Enables your business to be more visible

  7. Gives you back precious time to spend on growing your business

  8. Showcases your brand story to help people get to know you

  9. Demonstrates commitment and professionalism

  10. Ignites your website and marketing to stand out in a sea of bland
    stock imagery

Claire with the Camera - Total Tangerine Cookery, Cookery School Shepperton - brand photos

Brand photos tell a story, increasing connection and inspiring engagement. A photo is much more likely to stop the scroll and encourage your audience to pay more attention to your content. Did you know, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual?


So a picture really does tell a thousand words!

Read 10 ways brand photography can help your business to GROW


6. So what type of photos do you get in a brand shoot? 


All my brand shoots are crafted around what each individual business needs, to create the bespoke brand photos to help them grow and become most visible. And I can help you work this out for your business :) 


One of my key USPs is to create a variety of photos within your brand photoshoot to inspire your content creation, ignite your website and for all your marketing needs. So I encourage you to think about ALL of the ways and places you can use brand photos.  


To get you thinking, here’s 10 key brand photos, you can get from a brand shoot:

  1. Photos of you in action 

  2. Those showing the connections you build with your clients

  3. Storytelling photos

  4. The unique details that make up your brand

  5. Showing what inspires you 

  6. Personality filled profile photos

  7. Stand out website hero shots

  8. Photos with negative (blank) space to allow for text to be overlayed

  9. Fun ‘pointing’ shots or holding a frame which you can overlay text to showcase your offers and promotions

  10. A range of wide shots and up close details

Types of brand shoot photos

Following your brand shoot, you will have a set of unique, professional, on-brand photos to create fantastic, engaging, fun content for your website, social media and marketing channels for months ahead. 

7. Why brand photography isn’t just for large companies


Just as social media, websites, blogs, Google ads and all the marketing channels can be used by businesses of all sizes, so can brand photography. 


If you want to get your small business more visible in 2023, grow your audience and create more leads, then brand photography could definitely be for you. 


I want to enable every one of my clients to get the most out of their shoot and to get the best value from their investment.


And did you know, when you break down my Be More You shoot package, it works out at less than £10 per photo? Which really can give you an incredible ROI when you consider all the places you can then use those photos. 


Check out my brand photoshoot packages


8. Who do I work with?


I work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants across many different niches. I cover everywhere within a two hour drive of Surrey - from Kent to Oxfordshire, Birmingham to Bristol, Essex to Hertfordshire, and everywhere in between! 


I have worked with a variety of businesses such as Mindset, Transformation and Confidence Coaches, Wellness Experts and Nutritionists, Bakers and Cookery Schools, Podcast Managers, Sound Healers and Finance and Tax Advisors.

Why brand photography isn't just for large companies
Who do I work with

9. How do I work with you?


A brand photoshoot with Claire with the Camera, is all about YOU! My small business brand shoots are not about being posed, perfect or over-produced:


💫 They are about being 100% you!

💫 Perfectly imperfect YOU!

💫 Wearing what you want to wear

💫 And finding locations that fit with your brand


YOU are what makes your business UNIQUE. You are the only person that can do what you do, in the way that you do it, and my aim is to bring that to life!


Read all about my Path to Visibility - the 8 step process that I lead you through to go from PHOTO-PHOBIC to CAMERA CONFIDENT!! How? By helping you understand the process and plan your bespoke shoot - from locations to outfits, from props and accessories to how to  incorporate your brand colours, values and personality.


I capture the essence of you in your brand shoot and my process helps me to understand what your superpowers are, why you are passionate about your brilliant business, what it does for others and how we can best capture your personality and magic!


With my photography skills and creativity, and your fabulous business, I'll capture you in action doing what you do best and help tell the stories around you and your business so your audience will be able to learn What you do, Why and How?


 And we will definitely have some FUN on the way!

How do I work with you
Sign up to News Flash

You can read my previous clients' feedback about how happy they were here!


10. Find out more

Make sure you sign up to News Flash to receive my tips and updates on how to better use photos for your business.


I love to hear from new people and would be delighted to chat more about how a business brand photography session could help your small business grow. You can arrange a quick no obligation Enquiry Call to find out how we can work together or feel free to drop me an email at

The aim of my service to you, is to provide bespoke, professional photos, BURSTING with personality to help you promote what you do, to showcase your business to create content that connects and ignites your website and all of your marketing channels. 


For me, it’s not about ‘perfect’ photos, it’s about photos that are PERFECTLY YOU!

Claire x

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