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Charity PhotograpER
in Surrey

Transform your charity's impact:  raise more funds and increase awareness with real, powerful, visual storytelling

photography with purpose for charities
creating a visual narrative that connects and inspires

Are you constantly striving to boost your charity's visibility and income, but you miss out on crucial opportunities due to a lack of compelling visual storytelling that truly connects with potential supporters?

As a dedicated Charity Brand Photographer based in Surrey, I specialise in making marketing easier for charities and not-for-profits. I craft compelling, real-life storytelling imagery that not only captures the essence of your work, but also creates instant connection with your community.

Imagine the possibilities that could open up, if you had a suite of real, powerful, professional photographs that truly represent your organisation? Not just pictures, but powerful narratives in visual form. Photos that help bridge the gap between the incredible individuals you support and your current and potential donors.


Storytelling photos for charities can do a lot more than just making your website or presentations look pretty; they're a impactful call to action. They motivate everyone from corporate sponsors to individual donors, from trusts and foundations to community groups, inspiring them to choose you as their Charity of the Year, to fundraise passionately, and to engage and support in meaningful ways.

Please do get in touch to find out how together, we can create a brand and visual strategy that inspires action, drives donations, and helps your charity make a tangible impact to many more people in the future. 

Best wishes


your charity photography with purpose package

1. the complete dynamic Visual Story Library

Designed to capture the essence of your organisations incredible work, this package includes 4 bespoke photo shoots across the year. Resulting in a dynamic and diverse library of images and visual narrative that inspires, engages and drives change.

2. InspireD storytelling

Invest in this package to transform your campaign or event marketing materials, with images that resonate with your audience, encapsulate hope and amplify your message.

3. Team spotlight

Spotlight your team's dedication and the heart of your organisation, with powerful, professional photos that turn your staff and volunteers into compelling ambassadors.

Anstee Bridge charity – Creative workshop photos by Claire with the Camera, Charity Photog

"Oh my Claire, they are wonderful photos - really stunning - just what we need to breath life into our new website. 


You are amazing.


Thank you so, so much!"

Katherine Greening

Anstee Bridge

Anstee Bridge charity – Creative workshop photos by Claire with the Camera, Charity Photog

where you can use your
charity shoot photos

A charity photoshoot will provide you with a bespoke gallery of real, professional, on-brand photos perfect for use across:

  • Pitch decks and proposals 

  • Annual Reviews and impact reports

  • Major donor updates

  • Trust and Foundation proposals and reports

  • Direct Mail campaigns

  • Website 

  • Social media channels

  • Campaign development

  • Fundraising event presentations and literature 

5 Key Benefits of professional on-brand photography for charities

Real, powerful, on-brand photos will benefit your charity in many ways, including:

  • Increase awareness of your cause with engaging story telling photos 

  • Generate increased income through more engaging and consistent marketing 

  • Build a trusted, credible, consistent brand that people want to support

  • Create real connection between current and future supporters and the people their money helps

  • Save your fundraising team countless hours trawling folders or Google for relevant, on-brand photos

Claire Wormley Photography - Business brand photographer Surrey - Claire Wormley (13).jpg

Hi, I'm Claire and I help charities keep funds flowing, through real, powerful, storytelling photos.

My mission is to help your organisation:

  • Raise more funds

  • Increase awareness

  • And support more people

As a  specialist Brand Photographer and former Head of Fundraising, I know how to capture and tell the stories that connect and inspire support, and would love to do this for your organisation.

Storytelling Photos

​1. The Complete dynamic Visual Story Library

A Comprehensive Brand Photography Package Tailored for Charities


Does your charity or organisation offer a broad spectrum of services, events and initiatives, each deserving its own spotlight? 

Would you love to unlock new, lucrative fundraising opportunities to scale your impact and help more people? 


The Visual Story Library, designed exclusively for charitable organisations, can help you do just that. This package is not just about taking a few photos; it weaves together the remarkable stories of those you support and the compelling activity within your organisation, through a series of four bespoke photoshoots across the year.

Included in this versatile package is all the creative brainstorming, shoot planning, on-site photography, and post-production editing for each of the four shoots. 

The Outcome 

A diverse and professionally curated collection of real, powerful, on-brand images to help make your daily fundraising and marketing efforts more consistent, more efficient and more effective.  

Your Visual Story Library can feature a blend of images from your fundraising events, poignant moments with beneficiaries, personality filled profiles of trustees and key team members, heart-warming case studies, and emotive content for specific marketing campaigns. 

Whether it's for your website, social media, or print materials, these images will be the cornerstone of your organisations narrative; inspiring support and driving donations for years to come.

Investment: Annual Retainer – 12 monthly instalments of £3000 

Visual Story Libary
Claire Wormley Photography - Richmond Fellowship business photos - headshot photographer S
Claire Wormley Photography - Richmond Fellowship business photos - headshot photographer S

2. inspired storytelling package

Our inspired storytelling shoots are designed to create powerful tools to boost your fundraising and marketing efforts. Providing you with a range of professional, on-brand images to connect and inspire your community to take action – whether that’s to join an event, make a donation or continue their support.


Here’s some examples of how this package can be tailored to your organisations unique needs:


  • Document the meaningful moments and connections at beneficiary events, to give an insight into the impact they have.

  • Bring to life the powerful stories of your service users, creating compelling visuals for everything from direct mail campaigns to social media, and from grant applications to donor reports.

  • Introduce your team with a blend of professional headshots and personality filled profile photos, ideal for your 'About Us' page and introductions on social media.

  • Get up close with your service team in action, showcasing their passion and connections they build with beneficiaries

  • Leverage your fundraising events with vibrant photographs that capture the joy and magic moments. From community events to formal galas, these images can make promotion easier, help thank donors, and offer unique perks to VIPs and sponsors.

  • Produce specific, goal aligned photos for your next big fundraising campaign, awareness initiative, or annual report.

  • Share a ‘day in the life’ story of a team member or beneficiary to provide a deeper insight into your charity’s impact

Investment: From £495 for approx. 25 photos taken over a 1.5-hour shoot
From £895 for approx. 50-75 photos taken over a 3-hour shoot

Captivate and Inspire
Claire Wormley Photography - Richmond Fellowship business photos - headshot photographer S
Claire Wormley Photography - Richmond Fellowship business photos - headshot photographer S

3. team spotlight package

This package is all about capturing the real, warm smiles of the people who provide your organisations crucial services. My aim is not to create bland, corporate headshots, but to really capture the spark and personality of your team. The compassionate souls whose dedication makes a difference every day.


By showcasing relaxed, personality-filled profile photos, we help create a connection, making it easier for those you support to reach out with trust and confidence.


From capturing the warmth of your trustees, to the energy of your leadership team, we make sure every photo tells a story. These aren't just for your 'About Us' page; they're insights into the passion and commitment that drives your charity.


You might also choose to capture the collaborative efforts of your entire team with group or in-action photos. 

Investment: From £295 for up to 5 people with a choice of at least 2 photos of each person

Team spotlight
Sonya Timms, Philanthropy Consultant Coach, Fundraising Consultant - Brand Photos by Clair
Summit Fundraising Major Donor Consultant Event Photos - Claire with the Camera - brand ph
Sally Potter Hypnotherapist & Dartmor Larder Nourish Retreat Devon - photos by Claire with
Health First Surrey - business brand photos by Claire with the Camera - Brand Photographer
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