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Oh my goodness Claire, I absolutely LOVE my brand photos!

Laura Hills

Brand & Graphic Designer

The Inky Giraffe

creative essex brand photoshoot

“Thank you so much Claire, I absolutely LOVE my brand photos!


Honestly, I know this may sound daft, but I’m in tears because I actually like how I look in those photos.

You have done an amazing job at capturing the fun, creative me and all I have to offer though my business - thank you so much xx

I was so nervous because I still don’t like how I look after having my children, but when I saw those the photos, I realised I am still the fun, creative, quirky London girl I always have been!

I can't wait to use them across my website and social media content, to show off the business I have built and am so proud of!"

THESE wonderful words from my creative Essex brand photography client, Laura Hills, show why a brand photo shoot is soooo much more than just some headshots!

It's about the belief in your talents and what you deliver through your business, so you can give it the best tools to grow and flourish. It's about showcasing the magic and passion you pour into your business, so you can IGNITE your website and marketing content with your personality, to attract, connect and engage with your dream clients!

I am delighted to share some of the brand photos from Web and Brand Designer, Laura Hills of The Inky Giraffe, creative brand photo shoot in Essex. Laura got in touch after we met through an online networking event, as she knew she needed some photos showcasing her business, to add to her website and social media channels.


All Laura had at the time was one selfie on her About Us page and she found it difficult to show up and share any photos of her on her social media. Laura told me how her confidence had really taken a knock since she had been on maternity leave with her children, but she was determined to make her small business a success. 


I helped Laura to feel comfortable through my Brilliant Brand Shoot build process, and to really think about the range of photos she could get, how she could use them and the difference they could make to her visibility and business.


Laura is such a talented, creative and special person and to hear her realise this and believe in what she creates for others through her business, truly brings me joy.

Laura's brand shoot took place near the Heybridge Basin in Essex. Laura wanted to show where she works and some behind the scenes photos of her creative work, so we spent a couple of hours in her beautiful little home design studio. We then moved outside to capture some more relaxed photos of Laura planning and spending time outdoors at the seawall near her house, which she often does to help spark her creativity. 
We had a great time on the shoot and I'll hope you agree that Laura's warm, engaging and creative personality comes shining through!

Laura ended up with a gallery of over 80 photos from her Be More You branding photoshoot, including profile photos, storytelling photos, those with negative space to allow text to be overlayed, behind the scenes photos of Laura creating and those of all the unique details that make up Laura's brand.  We also had some great fun capturing Laura jumping up in the air outside! All in all, we captured all of the 12 photos that are key for any small business and so much more!

So tell me, do you feel like Laura did - a bit scared to show your face and put yourself out there on social media? Of being 'visible' in your business? I absolutely understand! It's how most of my clients feel. But I promise, I can help :)


If you'd like to find out more, drop me a message at or arrange a no-pressure Enquiry Call.

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