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Emma Martin Minfulness brand shoot - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (3

essential business brand photo shoot in Surrey

These creative, affordable and fun small business brand shoots in Surrey, have been carefully crafted to provide the key vibrant, on-brand, personality-filled photos you need to attract more clients to your brilliant business!

Ruth Tsui Strategist - business brand photos by Claire with the Camera - Brand Photographe
Emma Martin Minfulness brand shoot - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (4
Sonya Timms, Philanthropy Consultant Coach, Fundraising Consultant - Brand Photos by Clair
Debs Keary Private Travel Weybridge - brand photos by Claire with the Camera - brand photo
Andrea Burton Nutrition - brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand Pho

essential business brand
photoshoot Surrey - highlights

  • Your very own gallery of 20 bespoke, lightly edited, vibrant, on-brand photos to inject personality into your website and marketing materials to help you attract more clients. 

  • My exclusive ‘10 tips on what to wear for your brand shoot’ and ‘101 Prop and Accessory Ideas’ Brilliance Brand Shoot Guides to help you prepare and feel confident on your shoot.

  • A Creativity Call where you can ask any questions and get my input to help you make the most of your shoot.

  • A brilliant Surrey brand shoot location 

  • Personalised shot list, crafted around what your business needs to elevate your brand. 

  • Up to 3 outfit changes to create variety and enable you to use your photos in a wide variety of places.

  • One hour shoot time, all focused solely on your wonderful business and incorporating 3 key themes/stories.

Investment: £495
Andrea Burton Nutrition - brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand Pho
Emma Martin Minfulness brand shoot - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (1

Claire did an incredible job with my Essential Branding Photo Shoot.


I was so impressed with not just the shoot itself and fabulous images, but the meticulous attention to detail with preparation and planning that came before to ensure the desired results.


Claire devised a perfect 'shot' list , to represent all areas of my business.


I would definitely recommend Claire !

Emma Martin
Emma Martin mindfulness

essential Brand Shoot, the marches, woking, Surrey

everything you need to know about the essential Small business brand photo shoot Surrey

This brand photo will enable you to get a range of 20 fresh, engaging and on-brand profile photos, website hero shots and in-action photos headshots to help tell your business story and grow your client base. 

Including three key themes, up to three outfit changes, at a carefully pre-selected location, this small business brand photo shoot is perfect for small business owners and solopreneurs around the Surrey area who are ready to take the next step on your business journey.

Your Essential Shoot will take place at a carefully pre-selected Surrey location on a set date, so you don’t need to spend any precious time or effort trying to find a suitable location. Each location has been chosen to offer a range of indoor and outdoor backdrops to create the look and feel that suits your brand.  Leaving you time to focus on the fun things like what to wear and what props to bring!

Following your shoot, you will end up with your very own gallery of 20 vibrant, on-brand, personality filled photos to help your business brand match up to the brilliant work you deliver, as well as giving you the confidence to go out and shout about what you offer!


My support


  • To help you prepare and feel confident for your brand shoot, you will receive my Brilliance Brand Shoot Guides, which include ‘What to Wear on your Brand Shoot’ and ‘101 Prop and Accessory Ideas’.

  • Together, we will create a personalised Pinterest Mood Board and shot list to enable us to get the on-brand photos you need, to help create a consistent look and to grow and move your business forwards.

  • You will be invited to join a Creativity Consultation Call to help me understand the key photos you need, answer any questions you have, give you guidance on what to wear, what to bring and how to make the most of your brand shoot. 

where you can use your
Essential Brand Photos

Claire makes you feel really comfortable. She is so passionate about what she does and works so hard to get you thinking of what photos you will need.


And on top of all that , Claire kind, supportive, and cannot do enough to create beautiful images for your business.

I would highly recommend an Essential Shoot to get marketing photos for your business. 

vanessa buck
vision boards for all

essential Brand Shoot, West sussex

Claire with the Camera - Vision Boards for All - Vanessa Buck - brand photoshoot Bognor Re
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