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Sonya Timms, Philanthropy Consultant Coach, Fundraising Consultant - Brand Photos by Clair

12 places you can use your business brand photos to make the most of your investment

By Claire with the Camera, specialist brand photographer in Surrey

Are you thinking you need some updated headshots or some professional photos for your website? But you’re worried about how much a business brand photo shoot is going to cost and whether it’s worth the investment? I totally understand! As small business owners, we have to make sure we are investing in the right things to move our business forwards. 


And that's where brand photography comes in! Having the right photos and images is a key part of building our visual and online brand, can inspire our content creation, inject our personality into our website and help us to build connections with future clients, at every touch point.

Hi, I'm Claire with the Camera, a specialist small business Brand Photographer and I've really enjoyed putting together this article for you, on the HUGE amount of future value that your brand photo gallery can generate for your business. A brand shoot really is SOOOO MUCH more than just an updated headshot to use on your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles!

In a time of such intense noise across social media and the online space, using creative brand photography can be a powerful tool to stand out and be noticed. My creative approach to brand shoots mean we can create beautiful and memorable images to help promote your brand, your business, and your services. 

Photography Caire With The Camera Brand Photography

Read on for my 12 places you can use your brand photos to attract, connect and engage with your dream clients and make the most of your investment over the coming year…

Claire with the Camera - Total Tangerine Cookery, Cookery School Shepperton - brand photos

If you are hiding right now, behind your logo, an old corporate headshot or a dark, blurry selfie, then it’s time to take a deep breath … and come out!


Because people buy from people 

But to do that, they have to see you and get to know you and your brand values, so they know if you are the person and business they want to work with. As small business owners, we ARE our business, we are what makes it special and unique and THAT’s what people connect with! 

Your brand photos will include engaging, personality filled profile photos which can be used to inject the brilliance of you into your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media profiles! 


But wider than this, you can use your brand photos to create covers and banners for your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and for any groups you host. 


Your brand photos are also perfect for those introduction posts when you join new Facebook Groups or online challenges, plus for creating engagement within your own Facebook Group,  if you have one. 

Face & personality
Mi Amor by Daisy - handpainted silk scarves and kaftans by Daisy Pyle - brand photoshoot S

2. Use your Brand Photos to turn a bland website into one filled with personality, that connects with your audience 

​Your website should be an online extension of you. It should show just as much personality as your social channels and be the online equivalent of meeting you in real life! It’s the virtual location where potential customers can learn about your business and how your business can make a difference in their lives. 

If you are investing your time, money and energy on creating or refreshing a website for your business, you want one that attracts, engages and connects with your ideal audience and future clients. 


You want every photo you use on your website to be uniquely you, on brand, full of personality and telling the story of your brilliant business. And that’s exactly what you can do by investing in a brand photo shoot with Claire with the Camera!

Photography Caire With The Camera Brand Photography outdoors energy

3. Use your brand photos to create scroll stopping, engaging content for social media

Create unique scroll-stopping Facebook posts and eye-catching Instagram posts, carousels and reels with your story-telling brand photos, and easily adapt them for all your social media platforms. 


Social media is a huge visual medium, so the photos and images you use for your content and posts are even more important than the captions. We all know a picture tells a thousand words, and this is just as true today as ever! 

With the mixture of story-telling photos, details, action shots and photographs that allow you to overlay text on them, you will no longer need to struggle with what to post on your social media channels.  How joyous does that sound?!

Leverage your investment by using your brand photos on social media to build a consistent visual identity that your audience will recognise and engage with. And don’t forget, any visuals you use for one platform can be repurposed across others, saving you time and energy, whilst reaching more people.

Social media content
Claire with the Camera - Rachel Botfield Podcast Manager - Brand Photos, Solihull by Clair

4. Use your Brand Photos to create Landing Sales Pages that inspire and stand out to create connection

We all know that a landing sales page needs to instantly engage, create connection and keep your visitors interest, so they keep on reading and want to invest in your offer. 


Have you ever considered HOW the photos you use on your landing sales pages can either help with this, or turn them straight off?


You can use your vibrant, personality filled brand photos to really create that instant connection through your landing and sales pages, to get people excited about working with you.


Make the most of your investment, by using your brand photos when creating lead sales pages and online funnels to take your audience on a journey, converting engagement into sales.

Sales pages
Sonya Timms, Philanthropy Consultant Coach, Fundraising Consultant - Brand Photos by Clair

5. Use your brand photos to create unique Canva templates that stand out

Oooh I so love Canva - do you? But I also know that hours and days can be lost whilst searching for templates and tinkering with them until they fit your brand. And that is precious time that could be spent on getting your brilliant business more visible. 

You can utilise the photos from your brand shoot, by creating  on-brand templates in Canva which you  can use again and again, saving you masses of time and making your content production so much easier. 

A brand shoot with me, Claire with the Camera, can give you key photos that are perfect for creating Canva templates - those with negative (empty) space that you can overlay text on, ones holding a blank frame that you can announce new offers or services on, and ones of you which can be overlaid with testimonials and the oustanding reviews you have received. 


All of this will help you create instantly recognisable content with unique designs that are completely in line with you and your brand, making your content stand out, in a sea of samey, bland templates. 


You can use your Canva templates for social media posts and content, in your email marketing, in blog posts and across all of the content you create, saving you time as you repurpose and re-use brilliant, engaging content!

Canva templates
Claire with the Camera - New Vision Coaching - Donna Shaw Confidence Coach - brand photosh

6. Use your brand photos to create engaging, visual blogs or articles, to help establish yourself as the expert in your area

Make the most of your investment in brand photos by using them to create visual interest for future website content, blogs and articles. Your brand photos are also a great source of ideas to feature or write about that will capture your audience. 

From what inspires you, to what your day looks like, to how you work with your clients and how working with you brings about a transformation... there’s so many ways your brand photos can help you write website blogs and articles that inspire, and get your audience wanting to know how they can work with you. 

Having a large on-brand gallery of photos, will also save you tonnes of time searching free or paid sites for images that can work in your blog and end up as standard, unengaging stock photography!

Adding photographs will help keep your audience engaged right until the end of your blog, meaning they will stay on your website longer (which gives great brownie points with Google!) and can go on to read/explore other sections of your website. 

It also means there’s one less excuse for not putting out some content rich blogs, which could actually attract new visitors to your website! 

Claire with the Camera - The Inky Giraffe, Brand Designer - brand photoshoot in Haybridge

7. Use your brand photos to produce on-brand printed collateral

Do you print business cards, flyers, brochures, pull up banners or other brand appropriate collateral? Or you've thought about it, as you know you need them for events you attend, but don't have any on-brand photos to use?


This is another way you can make use of your brand photos! Design or bring your printed collateral up to date using your brand photos, and capture the imagination of your target audience.

Printed collaterol
Rebecca Ann Coaching - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (38 of 92).jpg

8. Use your brand photos to create emails that connect and engage

Ah the dreaded email list! I mean, it’s not dreaded at all in the fact that it's actually magic, but pulling together that content can feel a bit of a never ending hamster wheel can't it!

But just like with your social media posts and blog and website content, your brand photos can work really hard in helping you create great content for your emails that stand out! 

Humans are visual creatures and we are actually drawn to faces, so include yours in your emails to increase engagement and interest in what you have to offer and help your audience get to know you. 

Talking of emails, sign up to News Flash - full of special offers and tips you won’t want to miss! 

Photography Caire With The Camera Brand Photography

9. Use your brand photos to create lead magnets, freebies or e-Guides that align perfectly to your brand and create instant connection

Have you already got a lead magnet or freebie PDF, or is it on your list to put one together? 

Lead Magnets are perfect for building up the all important email list we talked about above. You know, the list that you actually own and are in control of (not like your social media channels which can sometimes be taken away for no good reason!).

Either way, you can create a really unique freebie, e-guide or PDF for your business, by dropping in relevant brand photos. It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and start building know, like and trust with your audience, so you can move them along their journey with you. 


Get creative and make the most of your investment in a brand shoot by using your photos to create informative, useful and stand out lead magnets for your audience. 


See how I’ve used brand photos in my Top Tips for Taking the Perfect Profile Photo.

Lead magnets
Claire with the Camera - The Inky Giraffe, Brand Designer - brand photoshoot in Haybridge

10. Use your brand photos to harness the power of PR to reach a wider audience

What sells a story? A brilliant photo of course! Investing in a brand photo shoot can open up this new opportunity for your small business, and be a catalyst to securing PR to reach a far wider audience. 

Journalists have so many leads and stories coming to them, that they will naturally grab the ones that make it easiest for them - and having a professional photo with character and personality can help do just that.

You can also use a professional profile photo from your brand shoot to get yourself guest blogs, podcasts or articles slots on other websites, as they offer a trustworthy and professional look when you make your approaches. 

Investing in brand photos can open up a whole host of collaboration ideas and opportunities that can help your business reach a much wider audience, to generate more leads in the future.

Rebecca Ann Coaching - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (92 of 92).jpg

11. Use your brand photos to create stand-out Facebook and Instagram Ads to increase your leads

Investing in a brand photo shoot can also open up your marketing and lead generation strategy to include Facebook and Instagram Ads.


A key component is a scroll stopping, attention grabbing photo and a brand shoot with me, can give you that!

This can then provide you with a viable way to secure regular new leads, without having to be a slave to the Facebook and Instagram algorithms! 

FB Ads
Photography Caire With The Camera Brand Photography

12. Use your brand photos to create fresh, engaging, current Video content

Love it or loathe it, video is a great medium for small business owners, and it’s here to stay! But the good news is that you don’t have to point, dance or even lip sync if you don’t want to!


You can easily put together a number of your brand photos in something like Canva, to create short videos and Instagram reels - videos that introduce you, what you do and help your audience learn more about your business. 


You can also make use of your brand photos as the image still that shows on your grid. Or at the start or end of a reel to create brand consistency.

Investing in a brand photo shoot can open up such a host of creative ways to tell your business story!

Claire with the Camera - Business Brand Photographer Surrey (4).jpg

So here you have it, 12 ways you can creatively use your brand photos to really make the most of your investment in a business brand photo shoot with Claire with the Camera!

Had you realised there were all these opportunities, before you read this article?

Follow me on Instagram for more information, tips and behind the scenes fun!

Claire x

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