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"OMG Claire, I love, love LOVE them ALL!"

Jo Sayers, Mindset coach

Mastering Mums mind

coach Brand photo shoot Bristol 

This is what Mindset Coach, Jo Sayers, said after her indoor and outdoor brand photo shoot in Bristol. 

Jo started our initial call telling me how she HATES having her photo taken and doesn't even display any of her wedding photos. So this demonstrates the powerful transformation I take people on, through my Brilliant Brand Shoot Builder! 

"OMG Claire, I love, love LOVE them ALL!

I love every photo and I loved the day . You helped me feel confident and relaxed, made it so easy and so much fun!

Thank you!" 

Do you hate having your photo taken? You are not alone as that's what the majority of my clients think when I speak to them! This includes Jo Sayers from Mastering Mum's Mum, a Mindset and Transformation Coach, who went from hating having her photo taken, to feeling happy and confident throughout her brand shoot in Bristol, to loving it so much, she didn’t want it to end!

Mindset Coach Jo, from @masteringmumsmind, knew she needed her new website and social media channel to reflect her and her business values and how she supports others with their journey. Having started her Mindset Coaching Business a year before, Jo had reached the stage where she needed updated, professional photos to enable her reach and connect with more people and grow her business. Despite not liking having her photo taken, Jo was ready to step out of her comfort zone and arrange a brand photo shoot!

I helped Jo to feel comfortable through my Brilliant Brand Shoot build process, and really encouraged her to think about the range of photos she could get, how she could use them and the difference they could make to her visibility and business.

“I cannot put into words how helpful Claire has been throughout this process.

I have a long old back story with my dislike for having my photo taken, and worries that I wouldn't like the end result. However, I didn't need to be concerned, as the photos Claire got were better than I could ever have imagined! I am so proud to be putting them on my new website.

Read more about Mindset Coach, Jo sayers's brand shoot in Bristol below....

During the planning call for Jo’s brand shoot, her eyes came alight with all the ideas, and realisation of what photos she could get and how she could use them in her Facebook and Membership groups, to help create connection with her audience!

Jo was busy mapping out a brand new website and together with her Facebook support work, she needed lots of varied storytelling photos to bring her brand and business to life.

“From the outset, Claire was so interested in knowing about me and my business and really wanted to help me capture my business values and passion, and how I wanted my website to look.

She had so many amazing ideas that we covered during the planning session, that really helped me achieve what I wanted from the photo shoot. I f
elt I had so much clarity on the day, which helped massively with my confidence. We kept in contact during the planning phase with ideas flowing back and forth, so by the time the shoot day came, we had all the themes, shots and locations mapped out.”


Mindset Coach, Jo's, brand shoot took place at her friends amazing house near Nailsea in Bristol, which allowed us to have photos in different rooms as well as outside at a nearby woods, to create a wonderfully varied gallery. 

With all the plans in place, we eeked out every last drop of the 3-hour Be More You shoot, and Jo (who remember, hates having her photo taken) was laughing, smiling and literally jumping for joy throughout the morning!


And she messaged the next day to say “I loved it so much, can we do it all again!”


We covered several themes including showing Jo's interaction with a client, Jo holding out a blank frame to then use to overlay text in Canva, profile photos and headshots and story telling photos to show a range of emotions which Jo could use to connect with her audience.

Mindset Coach Jo, from Mastering Our Mind ended up with a bumper gallery of over 100 on-brand, creative, storytelling brand photos from her Be More You brand photo shoot in Bristol, which included profile photos, cover/banner photos, website hero shots, social media story-telling photos, Facebook and Instagram profile photos, and prop shots which give her flexibility for creating social media content.

“I can't recommend Claire enough; she is so lovely to work with and instantly puts you at ease.
Thank you Claire. I don't think I have ever looked through photos of myself without finding something wrong in every one of them, but I literally love the ones you have taken!”

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