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Ruth Tsui Strategist - business brand photos by Claire with the Camera - Brand Photographe

10 ways a brand photoshoot can help your BRILLIANT business GROW!

By Claire with the Camera, Specialist Brand Photographer, Woking, Surrey and beyond

Brand photography is so much more than a few headshots or pretty pictures. Business and personal brand photography is all about YOU! The person behind the business, and the unique blend of superpowers that makes your business special.


Brand photos showcase the MAGIC and PASSION you pour into your business and brings to life how you do it in your own unique way, to transform your website, social media content and all of your marketing activity.

Whether you are in Woking, Surrey or within a 2 hour drive from here, we can work together to create bespoke, brand photos with you and your business at the heart of them.

The photos we create will be as individual as you and your business are, to showcase the transformation you inspire in others and why people should work with you.

Read on for 10 ways a brand photoshoot can help your brilliant business GROW!


Brand photography helps create a personable brand that builds connection

Claire with the Camera - Total Tangerine Cookery, Cookery School Shepperton - brand photos

It’s no secret that people buy from people. But first, they need to get to know YOU. 


You are what makes your business UNIQUE. You are the only person that does what you do, in the way that you do it!


Brand photography is all about bringing that to life and allowing your audience to get a feel for what it looks like to work with you, to start building that connection.


Just imagine the injection of YOU-NESS on-brand, personality filled photos could bring to your website and socials!


Brand photography can help you attract more leads

Sonya Timms, Philanthropy Consultant Coach, Fundraising Consultant Photo by Claire with th

As small business owners, we are always working to generate new leads aren’t we?


And business or personal brand photography can be a great catalyst for generating leads.


Imagine your website being an extension of you, so people get a feel for you as soon as they are on it, setting you apart from the rest. 


Imagine your social channels telling your story with each post and showing your audience how it might feel to work with you.

YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE, so the more of you in your brand, the more of your tribe you can attract!  


Brand photography can be the catalyst for your content creation

Sarah Kennedy Nutrition - business brand photos by Claire with the Camera - Brand Photogra

Instead of being stuck for ideas, let your on-brand photos be the catalyst for your content creation! 

Think about what stories you want to tell, what content pillars will drive connection with your audience, what themes you want to talk about, and we can make sure we take photos at your bespoke brand shoot to help you tell them.

A great brand photoshoot will create variety, to give you photos for your website, for your social posts, to showcase your services, to talk about what inspires you, or where your business started, to create blogs, articles or engagement posts in your Facebook group, all of which can help to start conversations with your audience, creating engagement and building those relationships. 


Brand photography can help create brand consistency to build up trust

Nicky Dye Claygate Yoga Clinic - brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Br

High-quality on-brand photos can help you communicate your brand identity, values, and mission, and when this all ties together, you can create a consistent, recognisable brand. 


And using your brand photos on your website, socials and across all of your marketing channels can create trust in you and that brand, and what you can deliver for your clients. 

click here for 12 ways you can use your brand photos to maximise your investment


Brand photography can help build your confidence

Jodie Finch Nurture from Within - brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business B

Professional brand photography can help build your confidence in a number of ways:

Firstly, planning and preparing for your brand shoot will help you get clarity on your business and brand, giving you confidence on what you do, who you help and how. 


Secondly, through the shoot itself, we can build your confidence in actually having your photos taken with tips on what to wear, where to have your shoot and getting the best angles, so you end up with photos you love and feel confident to use – even if you normally hate having your photo taken!


Thirdly, having a professional set of on-brand photos builds your confidence in getting more visible and building up trust and credibility with your potential clients. 


Brand photography can help your business to be more visible

Debs Keary Private Travel Weybridge - brand photos by Claire with the Camera - brand photo

91% of people prefer visual content to written content. (According to a study republished by Forbes), so we all need to up our game where visual content is concerned!

Don't let the imagery and photos get overlooked in your content creation! We all know how powerful a great photo is, and how you can tell a story, increase connection and inspire engagement with the right photo or picture.

You could be the absolutely best of the best at what you do, but if no-one knows about your business, how can they connect with you and become a client? If you hide behind your logo, or don’t show you or share your business story, you are missing out on vital connections.

If you want to achieve your aim of creating a successful, sustainable business, brand photos can give you the confidence and opportunity to become more visible in more places.


Brand photography Gives you back precious time to spend on growing your business

Lorna & the Gram, Instagram trainer brand photos, Essex by Claire with the Camera - Brand

How many hours do we all spend on content creation, staring at the laptop or disappearing into a Canva blackhole?!

How many times do you not post something, because you don't have time to search the web for an image or photo to use. Or you post something with a slightly dark, blurry selfie?

Think of all the hours of time and stress you will save, with your own gallery of high quality, on-brand photos ready to dip into every single day!

Time that could be better spent on creating what you make, dedicated to your clients or STRATEGICALLY building your brilliant business.


Brand photography helps showcase your brand story, to help people get to know you

Jodie Finch Nurture from Within - brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business B

Brand photos should focus on the person behind the business and telling the story of what you do. So anything from the process of making something, if you are a creative, to how you interact with clients if you provide a service, to where you work, or even your hobbies.


Great brand photos can showcase what makes you and your business so special, helping potential customers and clients to get to know you, and to understand how you and your service can help make a difference in their life.


In the era of intense social media marketing and the fight to get our small business out there, having stand-out on-brand photos and telling your business story is absolutely vital!


brand photography demonstrates commitment and professionalism

Sally Rule Homeologist Property Consultant Surrey - brand photos by Claire with the Camera

Investing in a brand shoot demonstrates to your audience and potential clients that you are serious about your business. That you believe in it enough to invest in it, and that you are here to stay. 


Showing your commitment and professionalism helps potential clients to see the dedication you give to your services, and in turn to them, again helping to build up trust in what you can deliver. 



Helps your website and marketing to stand out in a sea of bland stock imagery

Andrea Burton Nutrition - brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand Pho

Did you realise that stock imagery can actually damage your brand?


I’m sure you know from when you’ve visit other websites or see sponsored posts on Facebook, that stock images are easy to spot, they can be used by multiple different business, and they don't allow your audience to get a true sense of you or your business.

Stock photos do the opposite of building trust with your audience as they cannot see you or what your business truly does. 

Instead, bespoke brand photography can ignite your website with an injection of personality, helping you to stand out in the right way!

10 ways to use your photos

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our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words

For a whopping 91% of us, it’s the visuals that draw us in to a website rather than the written content.

Claire with the Camera - Heron Moon Healing - sound healing Surrey - brand photoshoot in L

Photos can create feelings and emotions, helping us form an instant connection.

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