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Claire with the Camera profile photo by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand Photo

Hi, I’m Claire with the Camera, a professional business brand and headshot photographer based in Surrey

I can tell you all about my love of photography and how Claire with the Camera started later, but to be honest, this journey isn't about me - it's about YOU! 


I love helping other solopreneurs and small business owners like you, go from mostly hating having their photo taken, to being thrilled to have a gallery of on-brand photos BURSTING with personality!


Photos that IGNITE your WEBSITE with personality, enable you to take CONTROL of your CONTENT CREATION and give you CONFIDENCE to get more VISIBLE.

Ultimately, I am in the business of supporting you to help your business GROW!

Whatever you do, a professional business or personal branding photoshoot can provide you with the gallery of photos you need to make marketing your brilliant business, that bit easier. 

I can make your life easier, save you time and give you confidence!


And the journey to that, starts with a simple call!

Claire with the Camera x


Find out more about
claire with the camera!

My Approach

Find out how I approach each and every brand shoot, to bring out your unique YOU-NESS!

My Values

I think business values are really important, so you can find mine here...

My journey

Read how I came to be Claire with the Camera

Choose your Shoot!

Every brand shoot I do, is completely bespoke to that unique business. View the packages I offer to find the perfect one for you. 

Laura hills
brand & graphic designer
The Inky giraffe

Brand shoot, essex

Honestly Claire, I know this may sound daft but I’m in tears because I actually like how I look in these photos. 🧡

You have done an amazing job at capturing the fun, creative me and all I have to offer though my business - thank you so much xx

Honestly, I was so nervous because I still don’t like how I look after having my children, but when I saw the photos, I realised there is still that fun, creative, quirky London girl in me! 🥰

Ps Just showed my mum the photos and she has asked for a print 🤗 xx

Claire with the Camera - The Inky Giraffe, Brand Designer - brand photoshoot in Haybridge
My Approach

my approach

As Claire with the Camera, my brand and headshot photography packages offer so much more than just having some headshot photos taken!

The most important thing about every small business brand photoshoot I do, is that YOU end up with a GALLERY of PHOTOS that help you attract, connect and engage with your ideal clients, so you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS.


Photos that make your website an extension of you, that evoke feelings in your dream clients so they are inspired to find out more and get in touch. Story-telling photos that you can use to bring your website to life, and for all your content creation. 

I work with lots of female service providers and entrepreneurs, many who are coaches  - from mindset to confidence, from transformation to business, from social media to wellness, as well as nutritionists, bakers and cookery schools,  podcast mangers, blog experts and anything in between!


For me, it’s not about ‘perfect’ photos, it’s about photos that are PERFECTLY YOU.

Sam Brown Speedwell Coaching brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand
Sam Brown Speedwell Coaching brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand

it's all about you!

I take you through my overwhelm free, 8 STEP BRAND SHOOT PROCESS to draw out what you love, your personality, what makes your business special and the transformation your business brings to others.


I prompt you to think about your ideal client, your business values and brand, how and where you work, so we can create photos that help bring all of this to life.

I encourage you to really explore WHERE and HOW you can use the photos, which I promise, will be in a lot more places than you first imagine! 

I take time, so we can get to know each other in the lead up to the shoot, so you feel COMFORTABLE and ready to ENJOY the shoot, to create relaxed photos.


I use my CREATIVITY and EXPERIENCE to create themes and story's around YOUR business, what inspires you, how you work with your clients and all the little details, so you end up with a varied library of brand photos, you can use every single day. 

My values

claire with the camera BRAND VALUES

One of the things I ask all of my clients about, is what are your business brand values?


This helps me to understand more about you and your business, and see how we can weave these into your brand shoot.


So I thought I would start by sharing mine :) 

To understand my clients and what they need

What are your business values and mission, who is your dream client, how do you work, what are your brand colours, how do people feel after working with you?


These are just some of the questions I ask when we work together, as I want to know ALL about your brilliant business!


This helps me design a bespoke brand shoot to create on-brand photos that truly represent you.

To create a service that’s fun
and inspires confidence

Most people start by telling me how much they hate having their photo taken, or how un-photogenic they are!


But through working together, I encourage my clients to FLIP this thought!


I love helping put people at ease by getting to know them and their business and ensuring they feel fully prepared for the day.


I help to create excitement and confidence to make the most of the shoot day and the photos that are created.

Honesty and integrity in delivering a fantastic service

What do I want most?


For you to have a successful business to be proud of!


And to have a gallery of professional, on-brand photos, BURSTING with personality, that you can be confident to use every single day across your website and all of your marketing channels.


For me, a happy client who can get more visible, is my ultimate goal.

To celebrate the perfectly imperfect in everyone!

YOU are what makes your business unique

YOU are why your clients want to work with you.

All of the MAGIC and PASSION you pour into your brilliant business and the transformations you inspire in your clients.


I want to champion and embrace who you are, to create natural, engaging photos that allow your potential clients to connect with you.


I am not about creating some artificially ‘perfect’ posed, airbrushed shot. You can wear what you love and be wherever you feel at home for your shoot!

My story

my journey to
Claire with the Camera

So just in case you are interested, here's a bit more about me! I'm a mum of two rapidly growing small people and live in Woking, Surrey, where I run Claire with the Camera from my home office :)


I have always loved photography, a passion inherited from my Mum who has documented our whole lives. Our early childhood seemed to be made up of snow days, sunshine and dressing up fun!

I remember having, and losing, my first camera when I was about 7 years old. And the absolute thrill when I found it again a year later, in the field where we were walking the dog! (You can read the full story here)


I remember all the many times of taking undeveloped films to the chemist, and the uncontainable excitement of getting the film developed, and the anticipation of waiting for those memories that you had forgotten you had taken!

I lived and worked in a Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia for a couple of years, which inspired a real love for wildlife photography - from baboons, to leopards to wild dogs! And the incredible San Bushman people we worked with.


I delight in capturing small details and moments for those around me. My friends think of me as their resident photographer story teller, as I’ve documented their children’s lives from birth!

My shelves are full of photobooks and albums which I love looking back on, and reliving those unique moments in time.

This passion turned into family photography several years ago, and I have since moved into the personal and business branding photography arena; combining my photography skills and marketing experience to help those with small businesses in Surrey. 


I finally set up my own photography business, Claire with the Camera,  in 2021, after 20 years in the Charity sector, where my passion was making a difference to others. 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you!

Claire x

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