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Claire with the Camera - Small Business Brand Photoshoot Surrey - Mindset Coach brand phot

 BrillianCE Brand Shoot Builder!
8 steps to getting more visible

If  you are wondering how a brand photo shoot works, let me take you through my 8 key steps to making the most of your Brand Photoshoot, for brand shoots in Woking, Surrey or beyond! 

Hi, I’m Claire with the Camera, a specialist Brand Photographer, and I can help  you feel in control, prepared and confident, so you can enjoy the shoot and get exactly what you need. 

My 8 step Brilliant Brand Shoot Builder takes you step by step from an initial Enquiry Call, down to planning every part of the shoot, to the shoot day itself and then 'ta-dah' ...your bespoke, on-brand gallery of photos that you can use every single day in your marketing to get more visible and help your brilliant business  GROW!

​I have created these steps as I want you to have fun and enjoy the shoot, so we can create the best possible images that are completely and perfectly YOU!

Claire Wormley Photography - Business brand photographer Surrey - Claire Wormley (13).jpg

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 1

It all starts with a short, no pressure chat, where I can find out more about you, your business, what your biggest challenges are and how a brand photoshoot might be able to help you.


You can hear more about my brand photography packages, to see how they could help your business grow, and ask any questions about how it all works.


And most importantly, we can see if we are a good fit!

Sam Brown Speedwell Coaching brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 2

select your brand
shoot package

If you decide you would like to go ahead, we agree on the right brand photoshoot package for you and your business, and get a shoot date in the diary.


We also put in a date for our planning consultation meeting. These are usually several weeks ahead, to allow enough time for the planning and prep work to take place.


This means we can go at a relaxed pace so you will feel ready, prepared and excited, and not overwhelmed.

Sam Brown Speedwell Coaching brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand
Lorna & the Gram, Instagram trainer brand photos, Essex (58 of 121).jpg
Lorna & the Gram, Instagram trainer brand photos, Essex by Claire with the Camera - Brand

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 3

Brand Vision Booklet and Mood board

The next step towards getting the photos you need from your brand photoshoot, is for you to complete the Brand Vision workbook, all about your business - from your mission, values and brand, to your ideal client and what problems you solve, to what you do in your business on a daily basis, what tools you use and what themes or stories you most want to bring out through the photos.


You also get to have some fun searching Pinterest to create a Mood Board for your shoot. And don’t worry if you have never used Pinterest, I can help you with this 😊

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 4

creativity Consultation Call

And now it's the fun part! Using all the info from your Brand Vision workbook and Pinterest Mood Board, we have a Creativity Consultation meeting and work together to plan:

  • the main 'themes' you want your brand photoshoot to cover

  • the location/s that suit your business, whether that's in Surrey or beyond. I've done shoots in Birmingham, Essex, Dorset, London, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and many more areas!

  • the props and accessories to bring, that  will help tell your story

  • your outfits and how to prepare for the day itself.


I also really get you thinking about how and where you can use the photos – which I bet will be in a lot more ways and places than you think!


Here's 12 places you can use your brand photos to get the most out of your investment, to get your mind thinking about what's possible!

Sam Brown Speedwell Coaching brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand
Katie Schuster Comms - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (11 of 36).jpg

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 5

personalised Shot list

I then prepare a full shot list and timings document to share with you, so we both know exactly what we are aiming for on the day of your brand photoshoot. This includes your list of props and accessories and when you are likely to change outfits.

You can then focus on gathering your props and outfits for the day. And get your hair and nails done if you want!

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 6

Shoot day!

By the time we reach your brand photoshoot day itself, you will know exactly what we are doing, what photos you want and we'll have everything ready to go. So then it's just a question of calming the nerves and getting into it!

Thanks to all the planning, we can now use the shoot time to get exactly what we need, with everything to hand, meaning we can enjoy and make the most of it.

Claire Wormley Photography - Brand photographer Surrey -  Claire Wormley Brand Shoot by B
Screenshot (581).png
Screenshot (872).png

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - step 7

edit & gallery

After your brand photoshoot, I work on editing your gallery of photos which I will share with you, within 2 weeks.

You will be able to access and download your ENTIRE GALLERY! 

You can download them as high-resolution versions as well as smaller file sizes for social media.

Depending on which package you have booked, this could be well over 75 photos to use to help grow your business.

Summit Fundraising Major Donor Consultant Event Photos - Claire with the Camera - brand ph

How a Brand Photoshoot Works - Step 8

Get visible & Grow your business!

You can now use your library of beautiful, bespoke, on-brand photos, to get more visible and attract, connect and engage with your ideal client, to get more leads and help grow your business!

You can create a personality filled website that feels like an extension of you, and will no longer have to search the internet to try and find photos to represent your business, as you will have your own gallery to hand to use every day!

And if you need any guidance with this, we can continue our work together with my GET VISIBLE PACKAGE. Look out for more info on this coming soon! 

Summit Fundraising Major Donor Consultant Event Photos - Claire with the Camera - brand ph

Where next?

Claire with the Camera - Claire Parent Coach - coaching for parents - brand photoshoot in

Claire is brilliant! 


As well as being a great photographer, she is organised, friendly and helpful.

Claire worked brilliantly with my children on the day, and somehow managed to get amazing photos even when they weren't that engaged!


My business looks so much more professional now with my brand photos, and I have a lovely one of me and my children on my wall.


I couldn't be happier!

Claire Giles
Claire Parent Coach

Conscious Parent Coach
Brand shoot reading, berkshire

Claire with the Camera - Birthing Mindfully with Laura - midwife hypnobirth - brand photos

I couldn’t recommend Claire more highly!


 She’s so talented, dedicated, approachable and easy to work with. 


​​I am overwhelmed by the quality of the photos - she has really captured my vision and my brand.


I couldn’t be happier that I chose to work with Claire!

Laura Mclean
Birthing Mindfully with Laura

Hypnobirthing teacher
brand shoot london

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