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Me, Tuppy & My little yellow camera

Me 7 Tuppy.jpg
Me 7 Tuppy.jpg

Here I am, aged 7, in the field full of yellow, where my little yellow camera disappeared!

When I was about 7 or 8, I had a lovely little yellow camera, that I adored. It was my first proper grown-up camera. I took it everywhere and was always taking photos.

One day, we took our new Labrador puppy, Tuppence, out for a walk in the local field. The grass was long and the weather was beautiful. I had my trusty yellow camera with me and took some pictures of Tuppy leaping about.

We came out of the field and I realised I didn’t have my camera with me anymore!!! It must have dropped out of my pocket or hand when I didn’t notice.

Me and my mum went back and searched everywhere we had walked. But the grass was long and the flowers were yellow, so we couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so upset.

Every time we walked back over the field, we looked for it but couldn’t find it.

And then one day, nearly a year later when the grass was short, guess what? We found it lying on the path! I was so excited.

I took the film to the chemist (do you remember the days of doing that?!) and magically a few days later, I collected my photos. And there was little Tuppy from the previous year and all the photos I had taken. The film inside the camera had survived the winter, the rain and everything.

Somewhere in the loft, I still have that camera. And the photos.

And I still absolutely love photography, photos and capturing moments.

Although I do try and take a bit better care of my camera now-a-days!

Do you have a story, or a memory from childhood that set you on a path to where you are now?

Claire with the 📸 x

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