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Surrey headshot photographer

  profiles with personality
 Mini headshot sessions for business professionals
and small business owners in Surrey

Next Mini Session are taking place on monday 30th October and wednesday 1st november 2023 in woking

If you are you a solopreneur, small business owner or business professional in Surrey, who is looking for some updated, personality filled headshots or profile photos for your website, Linked In profile or Facebook profile, my 'Profiles with Personality' Mini Headshot Sessions are just the answer!
I run these sessions just twice a year to give you an affordable way to get some professional updated headshots for your business profiles and social media channels.

Sam Brown Speedwell Coaching brand photos by Claire with the Camera, Small Business Brand

What does your current profile photo say about you?

Be honest! Is it an old selfie or serious corporate headshot that doesn't reflect the true you or your business?


Is it you pre-children or with a previous haircut, that doesn't even look like you anymore?!


Or are you actually hiding behind your logo, so no-one can even see you to connect?

Would you love it to be a professional, up to date photo BURSTING with personality that shows the personable, approachable you and creates connection?

If you need a professional portrait photo or headshot which speaks to your ideal client and shows the real you, my Mini Sessions in Surrey are perfect!

My 'Profiles with Personality' Mini Headshot Sessions are perfect for new business start ups or business professionals who need an updated headshot for their LinkedIn profile,  as they offer a simple and affordable way to get the professional on-brand profile photo you need!

'Profiles with personality'
 Mini headshot session highlights


  • 20 minute Mini Headshot Session 

  • 3 lightly edited, professional profile photos


  • Perfect for use as:

    • Profile photos and headshots for social media

    • LinkedIn headshots

    • Cover/banner photos on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

    • Website hero shots

    • Canva templates





If you cannot make the date or location for the next Mini Headshot Session, but are interested in hearing about later dates, please add you name to the waiting list below.

Rebecca Ann Coaching - Claire with the Camera - brand photographer Surrey (78 of 92).jpg

everything you need to know about My 'profiles with personality'
mini headshot sessions

Where do the 'profiles with personality' mini headshot sessions take place?

The Mini-Sessions will take place in a lovely Surrey location with wonderful backdrops to suit any business. I choose locations that offer a range of wonderful indoor and outdoor options for beautiful profile and headshots.  We will cover a couple of backdrops in the Mini Session to provide you with a choice of photos.

What should I wear for my 'profiles with personality' mini headshot session?

Great question! Of course, everyone has their own style so I can’t tell you exactly, but once you have booked your 'Profiles with Personality' Mini Session, I will share some tips and guidance. The most important tip I always give, is to just be YOU!

Whatever shoot I am doing, it's always about capturing the best bits of your wonderful personality and business to show to your audience and help you connect with your ideal clients. Think about what outfit gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel like you at your best? I always recommend bringing something with a pop of colour to add some vibrancy into the images.

Can I change outfits?

To get the most out of your 'Profiles with Personality' Mini Headshot Session in the 20 minutes available, there won’t be time for outfit changes, however you can have a blazer or jacket on and off for variety, or a change of scarf or accessories. The outside backdrops will also provide some variety.

This is a Mini Session so if you are looking to cover more options and outfit changes, do check out my longer Essential or Be More You branding packages, which would allow this.


Can you photoshop my nose/chin/arms…

You are already the best YOU there is and the photos will capture you in the most flattering light so don’t worry, photoshopping is not needed! This is a Mini Session and a light editing to my style is applied post shoot. If you are looking for extra editing post shoot, this will be an appropriate additional cost.

Can I bring a ‘client’ or props with me?

The 'Profiles with Personality' Mini Headshot Sessions are just 20 minutes long, so if you would like to include more of your business or brand, whether that’s props or people, my Essential or Be More You branding packages would be much better for you. You can arrange a quick no-pressure Enquiry Call to have a chat about what might work best for what you need.

Help, I hate having my photo taken!

So do most of my clients, but don’t worry, I am there to make it as easy and pain free as possible!  I will help put you at ease on the day and will chat to you throughout to give you any guidance you need, so you don’t need to worry. The session is only short so it will be over and done with before you know it! 


HOW DO I BOOK my 'profiles with personality' headshot mini Session?

Fab, I can't wait to see you there! Just click the button below to choose and book your slot at my next Mini Headshot Day. There are only a very limited number of slots available on the day, which do sell out, so grab one before they are gone!



If you can't make the date or location for my next Mini Session, but you are still interested in finding out about others in the future, please add your name to the waiting list and I will keep you posted. You will also receive my News Flash email for tips and updates on all things branding photography :) 


What happens next?

Once you have booked your slot, I will get in touch with all the details for the day to help you prepare. All you need to do is plan your outfit, sort your hair and makeup and get ready to enjoy a quick, lively and fun shoot!


I look forward to seeing you there!

Claire with the Camera x

Donna Shaw
New vision Coaching

Anxiety, stress and confidence coach
Brand shoot, Bagshot, Surrey

Working with Claire was great from start to finish! 

Claire works with you to be as creative and imaginative as you feel comfortable with, and her affable manner helps ease any nerves during the photo shoot.


This has resulted in some fabulous images that I am proud to use on my new website and social media channels.


I would thoroughly recommend Claire to anyone!

Claire with the Camera - New Vision Coaching - Donna Shaw Confidence Coach - brand photosh
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