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Case Study: Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach Brand Photoshoot in Woking Surrey

Sarah Kennedy is a Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach based in Woking, Surrey. As a new business start-up, Sarah needed some brand photos to professionalise and inject personality into her LinkedIn and social media profiles, to ensure that her website felt like her and help with marketing.

“I booked my brand photos with Claire because I needed some pictures for my nutrition business. The only photos I had were a selfie, and one profile photo that I had been using all the time. I tried to take some professional pictures myself and bought a stand to put my phone on, but I spent hours on that and wasn’t at all happy with them”

After speaking with Sarah, we agreed that my Essential Brand Shoot package was the perfect option to get those essential photos she needed.

Nutritionist and Health Coach Sarah, wanted to have her brand shoot at home, so that the photos felt like a true reflection of her and her business brand and values. Through my Brand Brilliance planning activities, I got to know Sarah and understand what she needed in terms of the style and energy from the photos.

“As I am a new start-up, I was still looking for my style and brand colours when I first spoke with Surrey brand photographer Claire. Claire gave me some advice in our initial conversation to stand out of the crowd and not be too bland and neutral.
I was hesitant at first, but it opened up my mind to being true to myself. When I received my brand photos I was over the moon, as she had captured the energy and passion that I wanted to show within my nutrition business perfectly!”

As a Surrey based brand photographer, I always approach my clients brand shoots from a marketing angle. I have created my Brand Brilliance system to help us understand their business brand and values, what marketing channels they use and the types of photos that will help them most with content. All with an aim of making their marketing easier and to help them get more clients.

Here’s some of the photos from Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach, Sarah Kennedy Nutrition’s Brand Shoot in Woking, Surrey.

Nutrition and Health Coach Sarah said;

“I am absolutely delighted with my new brand photos, and I am normally very critical of myself. I love the energy and the colours Claire has captured. It’s so much easier to choose the right photo to go with my posts and content on social media and the consistency is helping to establish my brand.”

Nutrition and Health Coach, Sarah has been able to use her brand photos from her brand photoshoot in Woking, across her social media channels including profile photos and content, printed materials and to help launch her new Nutrition programme.

“Claire was very organized and the session itself was so much fun! I really enjoyed doing something else within my business. Claire captured lots of different moments that show what I do, such as looking at recipes as I love researching new recipes for my clients!”

And finally, I asked Sarah what would you say to anyone thinking about having a Brand Shoot with me?

“Claire is very professional and knows what she is doing. The brand photos she captured are all amazing and I have used them directly withing my social content. It is definitely money well spent to take your business to the next stage.
She captured moments that show my passion for nutrition and reflect my true self. I would highly recommend Claire with the Camera to any business that wants to capture and share their passion in professional, on-brand photos.”

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