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10 places to have your small business brand photo shoot in Surrey

If you are wondering where you could have your small business, brand photo shoot in Surrey, then this is the article for you!

Hi, I'm Claire with the Camera, a specialist small business brand photographer based in Surrey. I love scouting out new locations for my clients brand shoots and seeing what matches with their style and brand.

Why is the location of your small business brand photo shoot so important?

Because the backdrop for your photos can help show what you love, what’s important to you, where you work and what inspires you, to help tell your brand story and connect with your dream clients. Having your brand photo shoot somewhere you feel comfortable and resonates with you, will help you get natural photos that truly reflect you and your brand.

There is no set perfect place, just whatever allows your personality and values to shine through. As an on location, specialist small and micro business brand photographer, I travel to the locations that most suit my clients and love exploring and discovering new hidden gems all the time!

I’d love to know - where would you have yours?

Read on for inspiration with 10 great places to have your small business brand photoshoot.

1. Home office brand shoot

If you have a lovely, light, bright home office like Executive Coach Annette from ic-Coach, this is the obvious starting point for your brand photo shoot as your personality, brand and values will already be stamped all the way through it.

A home office also offers a great space for those behind the scenes and storytelling photos that connect so well with your audience.

2. Creative work space brand shoot

If you are a creative, like silk painting artist Daisy, or an artist and graphic designer like Laura from The Inky Giraffe, then your creative working space offers the perfect base for your brand shoot.

With all your tools to hand, and the results of your creativity, we can capture first-hand the passion and magic you pour into every item you create for your clients.

3. Co-working or office space brand shoot

If you work from other spaces, they could offer a great spot for your brand photo shoot. Emma of Emma Martin Mindfulness, had hers at The Marches in Woking, where she holds her mindfulness workshops.

Whilst Tax Advisor Sarah of Allegro Tax, had hers at the Corporate Escape Club offices in Walton on Thames, where she has a regular hot desk. As a spot she knows, this location also offers a lovely mix of office space for client connection shots and outside space for relaxed team shots and profile photos.

Work Office business in Surrey home laptop digital marketing content photo shoot photoshoot light sunny

4. An ‘on-brand’ hotel brand shoot

Perhaps the set up you have at home doesn’t feel quite right for your brand photos and you need a bit more light and space? Finding a hotel that has a backdrop, style and colour palette that compliments your brand could be the perfect option.

Lauren had hers at the delightful Gorse Hill in Woking where we had the beautiful lounge and garden to ourselves. With a high end, but neutral backdrop, this was perfect for Laurens luxury hamper business.

Gorse Hill is one of my top 5 Woking locations for a brand shoot, find out about my others here.

5. Brand shoots in the great outdoors

If nature is a big part of your life and ethos, like Sound Healing teacher Becky of Heron Moon, then choosing an outside brand shoot location is the obvious choice.

Lightwater country park is one of my favourite Woking brand photo shoot locations, as it offers a diverse range of backdrops in a contained area. And as an added bonus we did Becky’s shoot in the early evening to catch the stunning golden hour light.

Surrey photo shoot business meditation water lake peaceful calm relaxed

6. Brand shoots by the water

Another outdoor location could be by the water, whether that’s a river, lake, pond or sea! Why not have an idyllic business photo shoot in Surrey by the water. The light and atmosphere by the water always creates a beautiful, calm environment that create a wonderful feeling to the photos.

We took Online Business Coach Heidi’s shoot, by the Runnymede Hotel on Thames. Heidi grew up just a stones throw away from where we took those, so the location meant a lot to her.

Surrey business photo shoot woman outdoors space calm happy relaxed

7. Brand shoots at a friend’s house

We all love a friend with a house in a beautiful location! Mindset Coach Rebecca of Rebecca Ann Coaching had her shoot in her friends lovely light, bright flat in Richmond. She had the perfect blue sofa that fitted with Rebecca’s brand colours and we also discovered some walls outside, perfect for these fun and engaging shots with plenty of negative space.

Brand shoot hired space woman sofa drinking tea coffee Business photoshoot happy smile

8. Brand shoot at a hired space

If you have a very specific look in mind, or want a place all to yourself, then hiring a specific space for your shoot could be the way to go. I work with some lovely spaces such as

Woodhaven in Woking and Styled Shoots to find the right location for my clients.

Brand shoot hired space Cafe Chat Ladies Business photoshoot

9. Brand shoot at a local cafe

If you like to keep things casual, you could have your shoot in a local cafe like Instagram Teacher Lorna of Lorna and The Gram. These are great for showing client connection in a down to earth and genuine way.

Be mindful to pick one at a time that won’t be packed out as that can make getting the right photos a little tricky!

10. Brand shoot in a city or town

And finally, perhaps you want some to create a variety of photos in your favourite town or city, such as these we created for Relationship Coach Eleni, around different spots in Guildford. From bridges, to the river, to steps and glass buildings, there is a huge range of wonderful backdrops in a lovely compact area, creating the right vibe or feeling for any business.

Whatever your vibe, your brand, your style, I can help guide you towards the perfect location for your small business brand shoot.

Are you ready for your Business photo shoot in Surrey?

Find out more about my bespoke Be More You Branding shoot and how I can carefully craft the perfect shoot for your business here in Surrey. To create the vibrant, on-brand, personality filled photos you need to market your business every, single day, across all the main platforms and channels.

Happy location hunting! Claire x

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