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Case Study: What happened at online business, Lorna & The Gram's, Brand Photoshoot in Essex

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Lorna from Lorna & The Gram is a Content Creator and Instagram Trainer, who helps small business owners get to grips with Instagram and how to create content and connections on the platform, in a manageable way.

Here’s what happened with online business owner, Lorna, during her creative brand photoshoot in Essex with me, Claire with the Camera, a specialist service-based business brand photographer.

Lorna wanted some new photos for her new website and of course her socials! A year into her business and she’d outgrown the few she had been using,

“I was mostly using photos that I’d taken myself, 'lifestyle' pictures of me and my family, DIY pictures around my house. They were a starting point, but felt a bit amateur.

I’d got to a point where I needed more than selfies on my socials! I desperately needed some photos to go on sales pages and to promote my offers.”

By taking Lorna through my Brilliance Brand Shoot Builder, we were able to design Lorna’s brand shoot in Essex, around the photos she needed to showcase all the brilliant things she offered.

“Working with Claire in the lead up, helped me to know that she knew what she was talking about and I was going to be in safe hands-on shoot day! Claire talked me through everything and helped me to research for inspiration and really delve into the variety I images I wanted, so we could plan for that.”

When Lorna’s brand shoot came round, we started in a local coffee shop in Essex, where she had a couple of friends and networking contacts join her for a mock up Instagram training session. Lorna is a former teacher and this shines through in her capable, knowledgeable and calm approach. Lorna’s teaching background is a key USP that separates her from many of her competitors so we wanted to make sure we captured that. I love creating these client connection shots as they really help to show you as a real person who works with others, creating trust and likeability. Not just a vague online presence.

We then headed back to Lorna’s house where we set things up to show her content creation in action, the behind the scenes planning and work, recording Lorna’s brilliant podcast and all things to showcase her GLOW UP membership!

Lorna said “I loved it and was so surprised with how quickly the time absolutely flew by! If we hadn't got clear about the shots needed ahead of time then we would have wasted a lot of time chatting and trying to work that out! Instead we were able to maximise and use the shoot time strategically to get everything I needed.”

Lorna ended up with a super bumper gallery of 100 photos including many of the most popular themes I work to create including profiles with personality, website hero shots, client connection, brand detail, storytelling photos, service specific promotional shots and behind the scenes.

“My brand photos have helped position myself as more of an authority. I have a folder of strong images I can easily dip into when I need to create something new. I know it helps to keep my visual branding consistent and elevated. I’ve used my brand photos on Facebook and Instagram, on banners on my website, on promotional visuals for my offers and group membership and as a headshot to send to people when I'm speaking to their online group or community.”

“The Be More You brand shoot with Claire with the Camera is so much more than just a one-day photography session - you'll have visual assets you can use and reuse in so many ways to promote you and your business for the next 12 months.”

If you don’t already, do hop over to Instagram and follow Lorna & The Gram as she is such a brilliant Instagram trainer (and fab human!).

I hope this has given you some insight into how a brand photoshoot works and what you get from it – it’s so much more than just getting a few nice photos. We strategically work out what photos you need for your business, what stories you want to tell and how you can use them.

Get in touch to find out how we can create the ideal brand shoot and curated collection of fresh, vibrant, on-brand photos for your brilliant business!

Claire x


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